Dog Walking Sevices by Zen Doggies

Regular, structured walks are an important part of dogs’ physical and mental health and when their needs are satisfied, dogs are much less likely to get into mischief.  But with busy schedules including work, travel and kids’ activities, it’s hard to always find the time to give your dog the attention they deserve.

sadie01Zen Doggies is the perfect solution!  Zen Doggies offers dog walking services throughout the South Jersey area.  They are experienced in handling all sizes and breeds, and make sure that your dog receives the structured walks that are essential to good physical and mental health. Tracy and Christine will walk your dog(s) on a loose leash beside/behind creating a nice relaxed brain and leaving your pup in a Zen like state of mind!

A 30 minute walk from Zen Doggies is $20 for one dog, $23 for two dogs and $25 for three or more dogs.  Want more time?  Upgrade to a 60 minute walk – $32 for one dog or $35 for two dogs.

Zen Doggies also offers a Drop-in Service which includes a drop in, potty break, belly rub, backyard time and fresh water and treats.  The drop in service is $17 for up to 4 dogs (walk not included.)

Headed out of town?  Zen Doggies will Stay Overnight as well.  They arrive at 7p.m., walk you pups and feed all of your pets, stay overnight, letting them out before bed with plenty of play and snuggle time.  In the morning they walk your pups again and feed all of your pets and leave around 7:00 am.  Arrival and departure times can be adjusted to your pets needs. The Overnight Stay is $85 – one price for all of your pets.

Call Zen Doggies at (609) 760-7708, or use their Online Contact Form to schedule your free, in-home consultation. 

Get your best friend started on a path to joy filled days!