Hoagies 4 Hope

h4hThe Hoagies 4 Hope Fundraiser is back in its 4th year!  Order your two foot hoagies or hoagie trays by January 30th to pick up on Super Bowl Sunday.  The hoagies will be assembled by over 100 Clearview student volunteers and all proceeds benefit children in the Clearview School District who are struggling with major medical issues.

Order your Hoagies by Monday, Janury 30th using this form.

Options are Italian or Turkey 2-foot-long hoagies (Dietz and Watson deli meat, cheese, lettuce and tomato) for $10 each or Assorted Hoagie Trays for $40 each.

Forms can be turned in at the High School (Mrs. Boody in Room 110), Middle School (Mr. Wiseburn in Room 403)  or to the HTS and PVS Main Offices.

Pick up your Hoagies on February 5th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m at Clearview High School (athletics entrance).


2017 Hoagies 4 Hope Recipients

Patricia Hill h4h1

Patricia, an 11th grade student at Clearview Regional HS, loves participating in Choir, Theater and Sled Hockey. She was born three months pre-mature with Cerebral Palsy, an incurable physical disability. In order to maintain some independence she requires specialized equipment. This year Patricia will need to replace both her manual and electric wheelchairs, and the specialized van needed for transportation. Unfortunately most of this expensive equipment is not covered by her private medical insurance.


Araya Agren h4h2

Araya is a first grade student at Centre City School. She is a kind, sweet, caring and happy little girl who enjoys her classmates and being in her classroom. Unfortunately, she is suffering from congenital scoliosis which causes daily discomfort and the need for a large brace to be worn. She will be having an extensive and corrective surgery in early January to insert a rod and hopefully correct her scoliosis. The road to recovery may be long and challenging and any support is appreciated for her and her family.


NiYelle Hamilton h4h3

NiYelle is a beautiful, vibrant 7th grader in Clearview Regional MS who is currently battling Renal Failure, which is most commonly known as Chronic Kidney Disease. Children with kidney disease that leads to kidney failure must receive treatment to replace the work the kidneys should be doing. NiYelle receives dialysis treatment between 3-5 times a week while waiting for a transplant that will ultimately save her life and allow her to live as a healthy child. She is noted by her friends as always smiling and laughing, and by her teachers as being “conscientious and kindhearted!” And to her family, she is a blessing and true inspiration to us all!