Local 3D Ultrasound Studio Unveils New Technology

What is HD Ultrasound?

If you have ever seen a 3D fetal sonogram, you’re familiar with the prospect of seeing your baby’s features before birth. New technology has emerged, known as HD ultrasound, that makes this experience even more amazing.

HD ultrasound takes the 3D image and transforms it to convey a much more pleasing and realistic image. Translucency of the skin, play of light and shadow, all of these factors come together to produce an incredibly realistic picture. The difference between 3D and HD is immediately obvious.

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This HD ultrasound phenomenon is available as an elective ultrasound at Wonder Time LLC in Pitman, NJ. Elective ultrasound is performed separately from the ultrasounds that the doctor orders and is an event to be enjoyed by the mother to be and whomever she chooses to have with her. Those who can’t attend can enjoy the digital and print copies of all the images, which are provided at the end of the session.

The Benefits of Elective Ultrasound

Elective Ultrasound has been shown to help with bonding between parents and baby. Seeing that realistic image on the big screen evokes some very strong and protective responses.  Some say it can influence mothers to make healthier choices during their pregnancy.

This type of ultrasound may also help to assuage anxiety for mothers who have experienced prior losses. Seeing their baby in such clarity and watching the movements as they feel them happen is a magical sensation!


HD Ultrasound at Wonder Time LLC

Wonder Time LLC, in Pitman, NJ is owned and operated by Glenda Barachko and is the result of her vision to offer the best quality of 3D HD ultrasound on the market.  They are the only studio offering HD Live technology in New Jersey.  Glenda will also perform and guarantee gender scans anytime after 12 weeks, which is earlier than any other studio in the Delaware Valley.

Glenda learned and developed her craft for over a decade in hospitals and outpatient centers and is now offering that skill to the public.  Glenda truly understands what parents-to-be want out of this experience, and their reasons for wanting it.Wonder Time Logo

For more information or to book your HD ultrasound visit Wonder Time online at www.wondertimellc.com or www.facebook.com/electiveultrasound/ or reach out to Glenda directly at 856-553-5138 or contact@wondertinmellc.com and be sure to tell her Mullica Hill Mom sent you.



Miracle in Progress offers unique experience

Are you looking to connect with your child in a unique way? Well, thanks to the savvy skills of Dana Krider, a registered diagnostic medical sonographer, pregnant women in and around South Jersey can now bond with their little one while they are still inside the tummy! She helps mothers-to-be get better acquainted with their unborn children by performing elective 3D and 4D ultrasounds at the Miracle in Progress 4D Ultrasound Studio based in Mullica Hill.

miracle in progress

Krider received specialized training that covers the gamut of sonography, but favors obstetric and cardiac sonography the most and is experienced in high risk obstetrics. She treats clients to a first-rate experience, complete with personal attention, from start to finish! It is designed to be enjoyable for all that attend, including children. To prepare for this memorable experience, it is recommended that expectant mothers consume lots of water about three days before their scheduled appointment. This will help amniotic fluid in the body reach an optimum level and clarity, improving chances of producing sharp, visually pleasing images at the time of the ultrasound.

Best of all, Krider offers several budget-friendly packages to help clients decide which option is best for them! Available options include a Sneak A Peek Package. It gives clients the opportunity to listen to their baby’s heartbeat.  There is also the Watch Me Grow Package. It includes two sessions over the course of two visits and features the option of determining the baby’s gender. Packages start at just $50! Gift certificates, heartbeat bears and more are also available.

For more information about Miracle in Progress and the packages available, visit www.miracleinprogress4d.com/ or call (609) 578-7923.

Written By Victoria Williams