Predicate Academy ~ Technology Education for Kids

We’re excited to introduce Predicate Academy, a brand new studio in Logan Twp offering technology education for kids.  We can all agree that technology impacts every facet of our lives and plays a critical role in our daily lives as we use computers at work, tablets to entertain our children and smart phones for…well… just about everything!  For our children, technology will play an even greater role and is a means to develop lifelong skills in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Predicate Academy

While our schools do a great job of teaching fundamentals, computer science is largely absent from the curriculum in most schools.   Predicate Academy offers a curriculum series that directly reflects where they see technology heading.   Their interactive sessions provide an introduction to computer science through hands-on coding projects.  As they  guide students through the design process, they teach the language of creativity. Kids get to build stuff, solve problems and have fun while learning valuable skills.

Predicate Academy

The talented Predicate Team brings diverse backgrounds in technology and education to the Predicate Studio.  They make use of the Raspberry Pi single-board computer and are strong believers in open-source software.

Predicate’s Summer Schedule

Predicate Academy’s program offerings operate on a 10 week / 45-60 minute per session schedule.  Predicate’s Summer 2016 season will start the week of June 26th and run through the week of September 18th. The academy will be closed over the Fourth of July Weekend (7/1-7/4) and Labor Day Weekend (9/2 – 9/5).   They offer two introductory programs for ages children ages 7-14.

Predicate Bootcamppredicate academy

This introductory course for ages 9-14 provides broad exposure to the varying facets of working with technology and the fundamentals of computational thinking. As part of this introductory course, students will assemble their own Predi-Kit hardware bundle then dive into the basics of Raspbian, the Pi’s Linux-based operating system, as well as key concepts such as hardware interfacing and writing code.

Predicate’s Little Conductors

This program, for children ages 7-8, is a fun way to start creating technology.  It’s ideal for kids who like to build and are curious about how things work. Little conductors provides a gentle introduction to the foundations of computational thinking.

To learn more about Predicate Academy and the impact of technology education, visit their website, blog, or Facebook page.

For additional information, call 484-483-5820 or email and be sure to tell them Mullica Hill Mom sent you!