Introducing Jumpstart at Predicate Academy

Have you heard the buzz about Predicate Academy’s coding classes?  Do you have an aspiring young innovator who you think might love writing code but you’re not sure? Are you new to Predicate and interested in enrolling in the winter program?

What you need is a little Jumpstart…jump-start

Predicate’s Jumpstart class is a foundational experience in Computer Science – no experience necessary!  It’s the perfect way to test the waters, spark a conversation, and see if coding is for you.  Jumpstart consists of three hours of instruction, usually split into two days, with 90 minutes in each class. These classes are $89  and are offered throughout the year, outside of the regular seasonal schedule.

Upcoming Jumpstart Classes and Events

November 19th Open House from 3-5pm

November 25th – Black Friday (three hour Jumpstart session for ages 8-10)

November 30th and Dec. 7th (two 90 minute Jumpstart sessions for ages 10 and up)

December 12th and 13th (two 90 minute Jumpstart sessions for ages 10 and up)


Jumpstart students will engage in mini projects that spark creative thinking and center on the following concepts:

  • The basics of working with the Raspberry Pi micro-computer
  • Using the Linux operating system (Linux powers most of the internet.  It’s very accessible and widely adopted in the computing field.)
  • Writing code in Python programming language.  (Kids as young as 9 are easily able to grasp this language, as discussed in this recent Wall Street Journal article.)

studio-web-300x179 Next Steps

  • If your child enjoys Jumpstart and wants to continue with coding, the next step would be to purchase the Predi-Kit Hardware Bundle. The Predi-Kit including a Raspberry Pi 3 – Model B.  The Predi-Kit costs $115 and is used in all Predicate classes.
  • Once your child completes Jumpstart, they are welcome to enroll in any of Predicate’s seasonal classes.  Winter program registration opens October 24th.

To learn more about Predicate Academy, visit their website, blog or Facebook page!

Predicate Academypredicate
230 Village Center Drive,  Logan NJ

Predicate Academy Fall Session~ Behind the Scenes with Technology

Predicate Academy is gearing up for their fall session and enrollment is well underway.

Predicate Academy is an independent company in Logan Twp. that creates their own technology courses for kids with the goal of providing a glimpse into the computing field.  They not only teach coding, but also demonstrate “real world” applications of technology in a fun learning environment.  All classes are taught by practitioners with a passion for enriching the lives of children.

Going Behind the Scenespredicate boy

Although it’s nice to have a break from the school year during the summer, many family vacations can incorporate great learning opportunities to engage kids, stretch their creativity and open their minds.  Behind the scenes tours are a great way to understand the inside story of our favorite foods, entertainment, and products.  They help kids gain an appreciation for what it takes to go from concept to raw materials to finished product.

In a similar way, the aspiring young innovators at Predicate experience the hidden educational value of going behind the scenes with technology.  Here’s what some of these young innovators have to say about Predicate:

“The coding and wiring we get to do” is Tyson’s favorite part.  “I am looking forward to building a robot!”

“Once we made a game where we told the code bug in the program to make a number between 1 and 10,” explains Eddie, age 7.  “Then we downloaded it and got play our own game!”

Open House ~ August 6th and 27thpredicate fall photo

Join Predicate Academy for their upcoming Open Houses:

  • Saturday, August 6th from 11:00a.m.- 1:30p.m.  Event Details on Facebook.
  • Saturday, August 27th from 11:00a.m. – 2:00pm

You’ll have a chance to test drive their new Equation Computer Kit and other cool techie projects.  If you already take classes at Predicate, bring a friend!  They have a GREAT referral program!

Fall Session

Predicate Academy runs four “seasonal” sessions a year with classes that meet weekly for 10 weeks.

The Fall 2016 Season will start during the week of September 18th and run through the week of December 5th. The academy will not hold classes on October 31 (Halloween), November 7-12 (Jersey Week), November 23-26 (Thanksgiving).

predicate chart

For more information and to register for the Fall Session visit,  email or call 484-483-5820

The Predicate Academy Studio is located at  230 Village Center Drive, Logan, NJ.  They’re in the Acme Shopping Center, on the second floor above Papa Luigi Pizza and across the hall from Burgundy and Brushes.