‘Miracle in Progress’ Packages Make Unique Gifts


Are you having trouble deciding on a gift to give an expectant friend, family member or loved one? Forget about the traditional presents available at stores designed just for babies and go for something truly unique!  Local 4D Ultrasound Studio,  Miracle in Progress has a variety of packages to suit anyone’s needs. Each package is affordable and includes an elective ultrasound which is performed by the owner, Dana Krider,  a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer with extensive experience, particularly in the area of high-risk obstetrics.

Miracle in Progress

There is the Sneak A Peek 2D Package for those looking to introduce an expectant loved one to their impending arrival. It includes a 10-minute 2D scan and four printed keepsake photos for $55.

Priced at $90, the Pink or Blue – 2D Package offers pregnant women and their families the opportunity to get better acquainted with their “Miracle in Progress,” because it includes a gender determination as early as 16 weeks into a pregnancy! A 15-minute 2D scan, DVD  of the ultrasound in its entirety, five printed photos and a quick peek (at the little bundle of joy) in 3D/4D is also available as part of the package.

11148770_662217413911585_176616150722841499_nGive the gift of an instant connection virtual style with the Love at First Sight Package. It include a 15-minute 3D/4D session, DVD of the ultrasound session, a flash disk with unlimited images to print and share, six printed photos, as well as the opportunity to listen to the baby’s heartbeat. The cost is $145.

Provide the expectant parents and their family with a chance to say hello to their little miracle by presenting them with the Bundle of Joy – 3D/4D Package. It includes a 20-minute 3D/4D session, ultrasound DVD, a flash disk with unlimited images to print and share, six printed photos and a chance to hear the little one’s heartbeat. The package is priced at $175.

Help someone who is expecting create an everlasting bond between them and their baby through the So Much to Love Package. It includes a 30-minute 3D/4D scan, ultrasound DVD, flash disk with unlimited images to print and share, six printed photos, as well as an opportunity to hear the child’s heartbeat. A heartbeat bear is included free-of-charge. It costs $185.

Or you could surprise the lucky parents-to-be with a great deal, the exclusive Watch Me Grow Package. Broken down into two visits, it is the option with the best value and includes everything from the Quick Peek in 3D/4D and gender determination to the ultrasound DVD and free heartbeat bear! It is priced at $245.

For more information about Miracle in Progress, visit http://www.miracleinprogress4d.com/ or call (609) 578-7923.

Written By: Victoria Williams

What will your “Miracle in Progress” be?


Are you expecting and just can’t wait to find out what you’re having? No problem. Dana Krider can help!

Krider is the owner and operator of Miracle in Progress, a Mullica-Hill based 4D Ultrasound Studio. It offers expectant parents and their families the opportunity to find out if they’re having a boy or girl much sooner than normal with the purchase of the Pink or Blue? Either Will Do 2D Package.

With this particular package clients receive the option of a gender reveal as soon as 16 weeks into the pregnancy. It also includes a 15-minute 2D scan, DVD of the entire ultrasound, CD with 10 to 15 images, five printed photographs, a quick peek in 3D/4D and the ability to hear the baby’s heartbeat. The price is $90, plus tax.

“I particularly love doing gender reveals … there’s a lot of excitement in the room, said Krider, who is a registered diagnostic medical sonographer with three children of her own.

The experience is designed to be enjoyable. Participation from all that attend – including children – is made possible with the help of a large projector screen. Because it is an elective ultrasound, it should not, however, take the place of a medical ultrasound, Krider said in a recent interview by phone.

And in some cases, a positive identification of the baby’s gender may not be possible because of how they are positioned at the time of the ultrasound. If a gender determination cannot be made at the time of a regularly scheduled appointment, clients are given the option of returning for a second visit one week later at absolutely no cost.

“Everyone has a vision of how they want to find out or how they want it to be and I just try and accommodate and make it happen for them,” she said.

Krider also offers a Watch Me Grow package for clients wanting more of an indulgent experience. It is split into two sessions and is available for $200, plus tax. Session one includes a gender determination, 15-minute 2D scan, quick peek in 3D/4D, six printed photographs, DVD of the entire ultrasound session, CD of 10 to 15 images and a chance to listen to the baby’s heartbeat. Session two includes a 30-minute 3D/4D scan, six printed images, DVD of the entire ultrasound session, CD of 10 to 15 images and the ability to hear the baby’s heartbeat.

Have an idea you’d like to incorporate into your appointment to make it extra special? Share them with Krider!  “I really cater to what the clients want.”

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For more information of Miracle in Progress or to schedule an appointment, visit http://www.miracleinprogress4d.com/ or call 609-578-7923.

By:Victoria Williams



Miracle in Progress offers unique experience

Are you looking to connect with your child in a unique way? Well, thanks to the savvy skills of Dana Krider, a registered diagnostic medical sonographer, pregnant women in and around South Jersey can now bond with their little one while they are still inside the tummy! She helps mothers-to-be get better acquainted with their unborn children by performing elective 3D and 4D ultrasounds at the Miracle in Progress 4D Ultrasound Studio based in Mullica Hill.

miracle in progress

Krider received specialized training that covers the gamut of sonography, but favors obstetric and cardiac sonography the most and is experienced in high risk obstetrics. She treats clients to a first-rate experience, complete with personal attention, from start to finish! It is designed to be enjoyable for all that attend, including children. To prepare for this memorable experience, it is recommended that expectant mothers consume lots of water about three days before their scheduled appointment. This will help amniotic fluid in the body reach an optimum level and clarity, improving chances of producing sharp, visually pleasing images at the time of the ultrasound.

Best of all, Krider offers several budget-friendly packages to help clients decide which option is best for them! Available options include a Sneak A Peek Package. It gives clients the opportunity to listen to their baby’s heartbeat.  There is also the Watch Me Grow Package. It includes two sessions over the course of two visits and features the option of determining the baby’s gender. Packages start at just $50! Gift certificates, heartbeat bears and more are also available.

For more information about Miracle in Progress and the packages available, visit www.miracleinprogress4d.com/ or call (609) 578-7923.

Written By Victoria Williams