Calm, Consistent Communication with Your Dog and You

South Jersey’s top Dog Behaviorist Your Dog and You will help you learn how to communicate with your dog calmly and consistently so the behaviors you put in place remain.

Being able to read his body language and understand how to communicate to him and understanding what he is communicating to you is crucial for a relationship that is based on a mutual respect. As a result, you will bond with your dog on a level that you may not have thought possible before.

Pitty is able to interact with kids safely and happily

Here’s just one of many client Testimonials from people who have used Christine Nolan and Your Dog and You to change their dogs’ behavior and their lives for the better:

“After searching for dog trainers and behaviorists…several who just said getting rid of my sweet Pitty was probably the route to go without even meeting her…we found Christine. She is so professional, skilled, friendly, and hilarious. Watching her work with and read my dogs was mesmerizing. She is truly gifted at what she does.

Pitty, whom we rescued off the street was displaying some behavior toward children that made us very uncomfortable. It turns out that by using what Christine taught us about leadership and building a trusting relationship with her, Pitty is able to interact with kids safely and happily. If you’re looking for a trainer for anything, Christine looks at the whole picture, is so hands on, and provides absolutely priceless information on dog behavior and body language that you’ll use again and again!”

– Rocco and Anikka R.

Christine provides one on one consultations as well as seminars.  Your Dog and You can help with loose leash walking, biking, treadmill training, calm greeting, nutritional guidance and so much more.

For more information about Your Dog and You or to book an appointment,  call Christine Nolan at (609) 760-7708 and be sure to tell her Mullica Hill Mom sent you!