Meet Hannah Devlin: A Natural Born Mother


Hannah Devlin’s three small boys line up every morning to take their daily cod liver oil and elderberry syrup. The older boys wash that down with a healthy smoothie filled with fruits and vegetables, turmeric, and hemp seeds. She makes her own deodorant using beeswax, shea butter, essential oils, corn starch and arrow root. She knows Frankincense is an anti-cancer agent, oil of oregano is an anti-viral, and  that apple cider vinegar tea with raw honey, cinnamon and cayenne helps ward off the flu. She knows oil pulling can help with dental issues and knows when to boost up the probiotics. Hannah is not only a wealth of knowledge but also an inspiration just by the way she lives her life simply and naturally.

A young, energetic Mom of three adorable boys, a determined triathlete, and a beautiful vocalist, Hannah Devlin brings joy, song, and a perspective of natural health and wellness to the Mullica Hill community. Hannah has always lived lifestyle of healthy, non-toxic, organic living … even before it was “mainstream.” Perhaps it’s connected to her Native American roots, but Hannah believes in using what nature has provided us in order to prevent and treat illness while being good to the environment. She extends this health-conscious, “green” philosophy to all areas of her life – from how she raises her kids to the products she uses to clean her home, and even to the products she uses as a hairdresser.

A Healthy, Toxin Free, Organic Lifestyle

Hannah was born in Japan (her father was in the military) but grew up in South Philly. After graduating high school, she was uncertain about what she should do next. “I wanted to go to the University of the Arts in Philly for Vocal,” Hannah says. “Then, my sister actually suggested hair.” So, she gave hairdressing a shot. Hannah worked in salons in Rittenhouse Square and Bucks County and although she enjoyed it, she  began having concerns about exposure to all the chemicals – especially with the popular Brazillian Blow-Outs. Already health conscious and eco-friendly, Hannah was following an organic and non-GMO diet. “I was kind of raised like that,” she says. Her father was raised on a farm and her mother was very into natural foods.

Hannah changed jobs to work at an upscale, organic hair salon that used natural, PBP and ammonia-free hair products and essential oils. Her clients appreciated her commitment to using toxin-free, all natural products while getting high-end salon results. Eventually, she would chose to leave the salon to be at home with her kids full time.

“John Masters Organics is a great line. It’s my favorite,”  Hannah says. She also recommends products like Beauty Without Cruelty and Yes To Carrots. She believes harsh chemicals are important to keep off of your skin and out of the environment. “When we wash it out of our hair, it goes back into the earth,” Hannah explains. However, she acknowledges that these products can get pricey and can still contain unwanted ingredients at times. So, Hannah often opts to make her own products from simple home recipes.

” I make my own sea salt spray for beach waves,” she says, and loves the results. Hannah doesn’t stop with hair products, though. “Everything in our house from laundry to toothpaste to cleaning, I can make.” For household cleaning, she is a big proponent of vinegar with orange peel and essential oils. “Theives is an essential oil blend that can be used as a disinfectant,” Hannah says. “You can buy concentrate or make it yourself.” For laundry, she uses something called “soap nuts” which are placed in a burlap bag, thrown in with the clothes and can be used over and over again. That, along with a few drops of essential oils, do the trick.

Healthy, real, clean eating is also a big part of Hannah’s lifestyle. “Factory Farming is really quite horrible,” she says. Hannah uses a farmer in Vineland who practices non GMO and organic farming (though he isn’t certified organic due the the expense). “We buy a cow and a half of a pig and get chickens and the eggs. He processes it, butchers it. I don’t buy any other meat the whole year.” She also does a C.S.A. (Community Supported Agriculture) at Muth Farm. ” I mean, it’s expensive. We have to pick and choose sometimes. We go without sometimes to have it… I feel better about it,” she explains. “You can never do it 100% [of the time], but if 90% of our diets are that? You do the best that you can with what you have.”

A Lean, Green Triathlete Machine

“I have a fear of open water,” Hannah confesses. “When I was 15 or 16, I was caught in the undertoe. That same summer, I got caught in a riptide and was out there forever!” Open water has ignited a healthy dose of panic ever since. But, she really wanted to do a triathlon so she trained with the Mullica Hill Women’s Tri Club.

Her first race was the Bridgeton Sunset Tri. Unfortunately, despite all of her hard work and preparation, Hannah panicked out in the water. Fortunately, Colleen (one of the club’s founding members and great mentor and supporter to first time triathletes) was right there with her and never left her side. Colleen recognized that Hannah was in trouble and called over a life guard. Hannah swam the rest of the way in between the life guard’s boat and Colleen. With their support, she made it to shore and finished the triathlon! After than race, USA-T certified coach Lorri Beck contacted her. She offered to swim with Hannah in the open waters and helped coach her through her swim anxiety with meditation CDs and frequent swims.

In 2013, Hannah was not just physically ready for the Atlantic City Triathlon, but also emotionally ready. “I didn’t go in there with the intention of failing,” Hannah says when she recalls facing that bay swim. She focused on small goals through out the swim course, telling herself she was going to be fine the whole way. “I did not panic at all,” she says proudly. “I saw the big bright orange buoy [at the end] and I felt so happy. It was a really good feeling.”

Conquering her fears was an inspiration to many in the club who struggle with the same swim anxiety. In 2013, Hannah was honored with the Tri Club’s “Most Determined Triathlete” award at the annual End of the Year Banquet. Hannah has also competed in several 5Ks (placing first female overall in Mullica Hill’s Run for the Roses). She also completed Mullica Hill’s own Queen of the Hill Triathlon and participated in the MS 150 mile City To Shore Bike Ride (while pregnant, no less).


Sharing Her Gifts

Hannah and her husband Tim moved from Mayfair to Mullica Hill about five years ago, right around the time she became a mother. “I think it’s really pretty [here],” Hannah says about this town. “I’ve met a lot of nice people. They do a lot of nice events around the town… I feel safe here.” Since their move, they have welcomed two more boys to their family. Jameson (age 5), Finn (age 3) and Keir (8 months) enjoy friends and activities through the Mullica Hill MOMS Club, MOPS, and the Awana program at their church.

Hannah is an active member of the Fellowship Bible church. Her children attend Awana on Sunday nights and the family participates in the church’s outreach and charity efforts such as ‘Operation Christmas Child,’ supporting mission churches and donating items for local pregnancy centers. She has also taught the kindergarteners at the church on Wednesday nights.

One of Hannah’s most recent charity projects was when she helped support ‘Luke’s Field’ in honor of one of the church’s youngest parishioners, Luke. At 4 months of age, Luke passed away from the flu and the church began raising money for a special baseball field in his honor. As a consultant for Lilla Rose hair accessories, Hannah decided to donate a portion of her proceeds to this special project.

As a talented vocalist and musician, Hannah enjoys leading the worship service at Fellowship Bible once a month. She sang back up on the debut album for a band called Bishop Rielly  and is currently working on her own solo project.

Determined and sweet, caring and strong — Hannah Devlin will inspire you with her kindness, commitment, and genuine soul. If you need a little advice on hair, healthy eating, toxin-free concoctions, home remedies, or homeopathy, she is your girl! But more than that, she will quickly become an adored friend.

 by: Alicia DiFabio, Psy.D.