Automated Curbside Yard Waste Collection

Have you heard that Curbside Yard Waste collection is now available in Harrison Township?  According to Deputy Township Administrator Dennis Chambers,

“Yard waste collection is typically a labor intensive and cost prohibitive service.  After years of research and analysis of the available programs, we decided on a predominately automated system.  This system is designed to maximize manpower and efficiency, which in turn will mitigate cost to the township and to the taxpayers.”

Dark brown carts, similar to the trash and recycling carts, will be available from the Public Works Department.  Residents should call 223-1308 to put their name on the list for a cart to be picked up or delivered.  Initially each requesting residence will be provided with one cart.

Your cart will be picked up the same day as your trash and recycling carts by a separate truck.  Be sure to space them at least 3 ft from other carts or objects such as mailboxes.


Items that are acceptable to place in the yard waste cart are as follows:

  • Grass clippingsyardwaste
  • Leaves
  • Small twigs & clippings (1/2″ diameter or less)
  • Garden waste
  • Organic trimmings
  • Old mulch

Items that are NOT acceptable are as follows:

  •  Household Trash
  •  Recyclables
  •  Dirt
  •  Rocks/Stones
  •  Sod
  •  Concrete
  •  Bricks
  •  Logs
  •  Branches over ½” in diameter
  •  Metal
  •  Construction debris

Please note the Recycle Center located at 151 Colson Lane is still open for residents to drop off the following items:

  •  Vegetative material
  •  Metal
  •  Electronics
  •  Used oil
  •  Used oil filters
  •  Used antifreeze

The Center is open Monday and Wednesday evenings from 5 PM – 7 PM from the first week in April through the last week in October and year rounds on Saturday from 9 AM – 3 PM