Celebrating Spring at Visalli’s Farm Market

Visalli's Farm Market

Known informally as the “cleanliest and friendliest,” Visalli’s Farm Market will be opening for the season on April 17th! This will be their second year of business following a seven year hiatus. Their loyal patrons and the entire town are thrilled to have the high quality produce that Visalli’s has been providing for over 50 years.

Visalli's Farm Market

Starting April 17th, Visalli’s Farm Market will be offering a plethora of gorgeous Easter flowers just in time to celebrate Spring! The first harvest featured at the stand will be locally grown, crisp and delicious asparagus and perhaps some greenhouse tomatoes. This will be followed by strawberries sometime in May. Following them on Facebook is the BEST WAY to stay informed on the newest crops featured at the farm stand!

Visalli’s: A Mullica Hill Tradition


The Visalli Family has deep roots in Mullica Hill. Joe and Grace Visalli have owned and operated this farm for over 50 years. Farming is clearly in their blood. Grace’s parents came to America from Sicily and after working on what is now Visalli’s Farm for three years, they made an offer to buy its 73 acres in 1926.

Visalli's Farm Market

During their farming career, the Visallis were commercial vegetable growers. The “stand” aspect started in 1956, right on the front step of Grace and Joe’s home along Swedesboro Rd. The step worked for a while, but soon they needed more space. So, Joe built the first covered stand which he later expanded into what is now their parking area. In 1989, he built the red barn that everyone knows as “Visalli’s Farm Market.”

There is no denying the strong bond of farming and family with the Visallis. Grace’s parents ran the farm and raised their family in the same house where Grace still lives. She was born in that home, grew up there, and raised her own family there. Now, Grace and Joe’s three grown sons all live next door. If you need to find a Visalli, you can find the entire brood living in single file, as neighbors.

This year the operation of their farm has been turned over to their son, Mike.


Visalli's Farm Market

When You Buy Produce From Visalli’s You Are….

Supporting All Local Farmers – Mike Visalli wants his customers to know that when they buy produce from Visalli’s, they are supporting all the local farmers. “We sell what we grow here and also sell what other farmers grow. When you buy from us you are not just helping us, but helping our farmer friends.”

Supporting The Environment – The farm is part of the Rutgers Cooperative Extension, an organization dedicated to protecting environmental resources, ensuring economic growth, sustaining agricultural, and improving food safety and nutrition. Conservation practices are key at Visalli’s Farm. “Everything we do is for the betterment of the environment – for our future, Mike explains.  “Tying it all together gives us a better product.”

Supporting the “Best Practices” in Farming – An active, 20-plus year member of the Agriculture Development Board, the Gloucester County Soil Conservation District, and The Gloucester County Board of Agriculture, Mike continues the farm’s tradition of “best management practices.” “We don’t want to spray if we don’t have to,” Mike says, so he chooses to invest in a team of scouts to assess his crops. They decide what is the best practice based on the current crop situation and act accordingly, instead of just indiscriminantly spraying chemicals. They are concerned about the health and safety of the consumers and the soil, and always approach their farming with that perspective.

Support Visalli’s Farm Market; Support the local farmers and their families. 

Visalli’s Farm Market is located right on Route 322, at 140 Swedesboro Road.
Open seven days a week.
Monday through Thursday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Friday through Sunday 8:00 am – 7:00 pm
Cash, credit cards and checks are accepted.

Be sure to follow Visalli’s Farm Market on Facebook where updates on their seasonal produce will be posted along with other NEW, fun events that are in the works!

Written By: Alicia DiFabio