Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange

Welcome to our Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange – a collection of  favorite cookie recipes from friends and family in our community. There are simple recipes to make with your kids and more complex (but delicious!) favorites that have been passed down for generations. Some are classic Christmas cookies and others are just great recipes for any time of year.

Click on the links below for a full, printable version of each recipe with photos.   

Anise Knots Cookies (Mary Maffei)mnm cookir

Chocolate Gooey Butter Cookies (Courtney Gabriel)

Chocolate Cracker Cookies  (Liz Fritz)

Chocolate Kiss Peanut Butter Cookies  (Liz Whalen)

Classic Sugar Cookies  (Melissa Livezey)

Crispy Salted Oatmeal White Chocolate Cookies (Jennifer MacHenry)

Easy Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookies  (Rosalie Gabriel)

Gingerbread Men  (Liz Whalen)

Mandel Bread (similar to Biscotti)  (Angel Marinucci)pecan tassies

Lemon Squares (Lyn  Cech)

Molasses Spice Kisses (Jennifer Lewis)

Mom Mom’s Swedish Butter Christmas Cookies  (for cookie press) (Sylvia Petrillo)

Mrs. Fields Blue Ribbon Chocolate Chip  (Rosalie Gabriel)

Nutella Cookies (Angel Marinucci)

OREO Truffles  (Jennifer MacHenry)

Peanut Butter Fingers  (Florence Stewart)

Peanut Butter M&M Cookies (Leanne Bauman)

Pecan Tassies (Marcella Miccolis)russian

Russian Tea Cakes  I (Theresa Weiss)

Russian Tea Cakes II (Karen Williams)

Snickerdoodles  (Marisa Miloszewski)

Spice Cookies (Marcella Miccolis)

Split Seconds  (Sue Miloszewski)

Surprise Cookies (Colleen Fossett)

Vanilla Cristies (Robin Scipione)

Submit Your Recipes Now…

Welcome to Mullica Hill Mom’s Virtual Cookie Exchange! 

Cookie Exchange

Mullica Hill Mom is “hosting” a virtual cookie exchange!  Send your favorite Christmas Cookie recipe to  Feel free to scan your hand printed recipe card if you don’t want to re-type.  You can also send us a link to an online recipe.  Include a photo if possible and let us know if we can use your name or if you prefer to be “anonymous.”