The Tell-Tale Tooth

Halloween will soon be upon us and costumed children will scurry about the neighborhood in search of their favorite sugary treats.  What is a much-anticipated time for kids is a dreaded time for orthodontists.

Sugary, sticky treats like caramels, gummy candy and chewy candy bars wreak havoc on orthodontic applibraces pumpkinances—breakingthe braces, bending the straightening wires and leaving behind a coating of sugar on the teeth.  These sugars feed the bacteria in the mouth and accumulate on the teeth as an impenetrable, sticky coating called plaque.  The bacteria in the plaque will make acids that eat away at the teeth.  If the plaque is not removed it will cause the tooth to start to “dissolve” or demineralize around the brace.  The tell-tale sign on the tooth is a white spot or halo under the plaque that appears around the brace.

Meticulous brushing, regular visits to your dentist, and a consultation with your hygienist is important during orthodontic treatment to prevent these unsightly permanent stains.

Local orthodontist Dr. Susan Lempert explains “We urge all our patients to follow an oral homecare regimen during treatment that involves removing bulk food debris with a water flosser machine, using a timed electric toothbrush to remove the plaque around the braces, cleaning under the gums with orthodontic dental floss and adding an additional brushing with a prescription fluoride paste each night.  We also encourage our patients to see the hygienist every 3-4 months during active orthodontic care.” 

For more detailed information on oral home care you can visit her website:

A few brace-friendly Halloween treats such as melt-in-your-mouth chocolates, peanut butter cups and the like are okay provided proper brushing ensues.

What to do with all the leftover Halloween candy?  Dr. Lempert will be collecting leftover Halloween candy in her Swedesboro office and donating it to Operation Gratitude an organization that sends the treats and toothbrushes to our soldiers abroad.   For more information visit her website at  All candy must be delivered to her office no later than Tuesday November 7th.

If you have concerns about your child’s bite, Dr. Lempert provides complimentary orthodontic screenings for children in her Swedesboro office.  You can visit her website at: to learn more about her practice.

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Panther 5k and 1 mile Fun Run ~ Sept. 29th

Panther 5kAll are invited to participate in a family friendly fundraiser to benefit the 6th grade students (Class of 2018) at PVS. The Pleasant Valley P.A.N.T.H.E.R organization will sponsor a Friday Night 5k and 1 mile Fun Run on Friday, Sept. 29th at Pleasant Valley School.

Proceeds will be used for Celebration Night, the class banner, class picnic and framing of the class picture. 

The 5k course, around PVS, Colson Lane and Walter’s Rd, will be closed to traffic.  The 1 mile fun run will consist of 2 laps around the school.

You can sign up for the Panthers 5k race in advance at

Race Day registration and packet pick up begin at 5:15 p.m. and the race begins promptly at 6 p.m at Pleasant Valley School, 401 Cedar Rd. in Mullica Hill.

Play it Safe: Protect Your Smile

April is National Facial Protection Month and during this time the American Association of Orthodontists along with the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the American Dental Association and the Academy for Sports Dentistry campaign to educate the public about facial protection. With spring sports underway and kids eager to play outside after a long winter the risk on dental injury is higher.

Wearing a mouth guard is a simple measure that could protect their smile all year long.

Mouth guards reduce the risk of knocking out teeth or breaking your jaw during contact sports by cushioning the impact between the upper and lower teeth and by creating a resilient shield around the teeth.

tooth shield

Local orthodontist, Dr. Susan Lempert, quotes the American Association of Orthodontists position on mouth guards, “While most organized sports require a mouth guard for participation it is important to note that injury can happen during informal neighborhood play and even when you are riding your bike.”  She emphasizes that “Any time you’re engaged in an activity where your face can come in contact with something hard—say another player, a ball, the pavement, or any hard object—it’s a time that you should be wearing a mouth guard!”  Many injuries will be less severe or prevented with mouth guard wear.

tooth shield 2When choosing a mouth guard it is important to consider several factors including comfort, fit and ease of breathing.  There are three general types of guards:  Custom-Made, Mouth Formed or “Boil-and-Bite” and Stock Guards.  Dr. Lempert explains that custom guards are more expensive but they provide the most protection as they are made from a full mouth digital scan taken in the dentist’s office and sent to a dental lab for fabrication. The Boil-and-Bite guards are a good cost-effective alternative but tend to wear quickly, are bulky and make breathing difficult.  Both of these guards cannot be used when orthodontic braces are in place.

Dr. Lempert encourages the use of the best fitting stock guard during orthodontic care to minimize tooth and jaw injury and to prevent the braces from embedding in the lip if the patient gets hit.

“With many choices out there it can be challenging to find a comfortable stock guard for use while braces are in place.” Dr. Lempert explains. “We know that custom guards are the best, but during orthodontic care they cannot be used.  There are many options out there for stock guards but the one I have been most impressed with in terms of comfort, design, protection and cost is the ToothShield by Practicon.” The ToothShield was designed by renowned pediatric dentist and educator, Dr. Theodore Croll, and is made of a soft, flexible material that fits comfortably while in place.  The ToothShield is fabricated in the USA of safe FDA-grade thermoplastic elastomer.   The ToothShield retails for approximately $6-7 per guard and can be conveniently delivered to your doorstep by Amazon.

So play it safe during contact sports this spring and all year long—wear a mouth guard!

Dr. Lempert provides complimentary orthodontic screenings for children in her Swedesboro office.  You can visit her website at: to learn more about her practice.

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Dr. Lempert graduated from Brown University with a B.A. in Human Biology.   She received her Master of Science in Oral Biology Degree, Certificate in Orthodontics, and Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree from Temple University School of Dentistry.  

5k Hop n’Run ~ April 8th

The annual Harrison Township  5k Hop n’ Run will be held on Saturday, April 8th at the William Wilt Soccer Complex Hop 'N Run5k Hop 'N Run on Walters Rd. in Mullica Hill.bunny-run

The 5k Hop n Run or 1 mile walk  will begin at 8:30am (Rain or Shine!) and prizes will be awarded for adults and kids.  All participants will receive a long sleeve event t-shirt.

The cost is $20 in advance or $25 the day of the event.  Proceeds will go toward funding Fireworks on Harrison Twp. Day.

Download the registration form here and turn in to the Harrison Twp. Recreation Office or

Register online via Eventbright


Thumbs-Up to a Healthy Mouth

Local orthodontist, Dr. Susan Lempert, counsels many worried parents about their children’s thumb sucking habits.  Dr. Lempert explains “Parents most frequently express concerns about the damage thumb sucking can have on their child’s teeth and they are frustrated with finding a suitable method to encourage their child to stop.”   In her practice Dr. Lempert incorporates recommendations from the American Dental Association and the American Psychological Association to formulate a unique, comprehensive approach.  She starts with a basic understanding of the sucking reflex.

thumb suckingAccording to the ADA and the APA sucking in infants is common, harmless and beneficial for self-soothing.  As a child grows and becomes a toddler this self-soothing is still acceptable and allows the child to feel safe while exploring their new world.   When a child enters the preschool years the benefits of sucking wane and the side effects can become more detrimental.  This is when the sucking effects on the developing mouth and teeth can become evident.

Dr. Lempert explains, “Once the adult teeth erupt the sucking can cause problems with the proper growth of the mouth and the alignment of the teeth.  It can also cause changes in the shape of the roof of the mouth.”  This is why Dr. Lempert follows the guidelines of the American Association of Orthodontists and recommends every child have an orthodontic screening by age 7.  She explains, “Most children do not need treatment at that age but for some we can identify potential problems, like thumb sucking, and offer early solutions that will ultimately make for less problems down the road.  Prevention is important.”

If you have concerns about your child’s thumb sucking habit Dr. Lempert provides complimentary orthodontic screenings for children in her Swedesboro office.  You can visit her website at: to learn more about her practice.

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Dr. Lempert graduated from Brown University with a B.A. in Human Biology.   She received her Master of Science in Oral Biology Degree, Certificate in Orthodontics, and Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree from Temple University School of Dentistry.  






Treat Yourself Right: Local Orthodontist Gives Brace Friendly Halloween Advice

This October is National Orthodontic Health Month.  Local orthodontist, Dr. Susan Lempert, urges parents and children to be mindful of Halloween treats that have the potential to damage orthodontic braces.  Sticky, crunchy and chewy candy will break orthodontic braces. Repairing broken braces is a time consuming procedure for both the patient and the doctor.



Orthodontic repairs require missed time from school and work.   Use good judgement this Halloween and help your child choose softer options like melt-in-your mouth chocolates, peanut butter cups or thinly sliced apples with soft caramel dip.  Remember to have them brush their teeth with fluoride toothpaste after these sweet treats!  

Dr. Lempert is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists and together they are educating the public on how to have a brace-friendly Halloween.   For more information check out the AAO’s Treat Yourself Right guide.

So what can you do with all of the leftover candy your kids have acquired?  Dr. Lempert will be collecting wrapped candy in her Swedesboro office November 1st-4th and she will donate the treats along with toothbrushes to Operation Gratitude, an organization that sends the treats and toothbrushes to our soldiers abroad.   For more information visit her website at  

 If you have concerns about your child’s bite Dr. Lempert provides complimentary orthodontic screenings for children in her Swedesboro office.  You can visit her website at: to learn more about her practice.

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10th Annual Trick or Trot 5k Costume Fun Run

The Harrison Township Recreation Commission and Victory Physical Therapy present the 10th Annual Trick or Trot 5k Costume Fun Run / 1 mile walk on Saturday Oct. 29th.   Costumes are optional but make the race more fun!Trick or Trot

The race will depart from Ella Harris Park at 8:30am rain or shine.  Registration begins at 7:45am.

Award Categories:   

Best costume:  Child, Adult and Group

Overall Male / Top Female awards:

Top three finishers (male/female) in the following categories:

14 and under, 15-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+

The entry fee is $15 per participant or $20 the day of the race.  All proceeds go toward making our Harrison Township parks accessible.  Download your entry form here.

Questions?  Contact Sharon Chew in the Harrison Twp. Recreation office at 856-223-8777


Girls on the GLOW ~ Fall Registration

The Mullica Hill Women’s Tri Club offers a great program for young girls in our community and registration is now open for the upcoming season. 

Girls on the GLOW

Girls on the GLOWGirls on the GLOW is open to all girls in grades 1-6 and focuses on building endurance and strength as well as building character and confidence. G.L.O.W. stands for Grow, Learn, Offer, and Work, which is what the girls are expected to do at each and every practice.  The goal is for every girl to discover her inner GLOW that comes from achieving a goal, as an individual and as a team, through effort, determination and cooperation.

Practices are held weekly practices on Saturday mornings at J. Mason Tomlin Elementary School on Main Street in Mantua Township.  Throughout the year, there are special events, such as GLOW Runs, which will be held at Clearview Regional High School on Breakneck Road in Mullica Hill.  There will even be opportunities for some mother/daughter quality time on our calendar, too.  GLOW offers a spring session and a fall session.

Registration is now open!  Membership is available through the Mullica Hill Women’s Triathlon Club and the fee for membership is $30 for the Fall session.  To register,  click here.  Each participant will receive a Girls on the GLOW t-shirt, a journal, a water bottle, invitations to special events, and admission to signature GLOW Runs.

Local Orthodontist Says Goodbye To Orthodontic Impressions – It’s No Gag!

Kids and adults alike remember the dreaded impressions or “molds” that were required prior to starting orthodontic treatment.  First a tray was fit to your mouth and then a heaping mound of pink mushy material was pressed onto your teeth and held there for what seemed like an agonizing eternity.  For some it was no big deal but for many, especially those with a strong gag reflex, the molding would bring on the unpleasant urge to be sick!

Great news for the impression weary—getting a 3-D replica of your mouth has become a lot easier!  Intra-oral digital scanning is the latest technology that can help orthodontists make a 3-D reproduction of a patient’s mouth.

Gloucester County native and local orthodontist, Dr. Susan Lempert, explains: “We have embraced digital dentistry in our practice.   Our intra-oral scanner uses a small wand that is waved over the teeth.  Using 3-D video technology it generates an exact replica of the patient’s oral anatomy.  This 3-D replica can be used diagnostically or to fabricate a variety of orthodontic appliances including Invisalign.  Our patients love it and we couldn’t be happier with how easy and accurate it is to use!”

Dr. Lempert digital dentistry

Intra-oral Scanner

A magic wand that gets rid of orthodontic impressions—it is a dream for patients and orthodontists alike and a reality that Dr. Lempert is excited to share with her patients.

Dr. Susan LempertDr. Lempert provides complimentary orthodontic screenings in her Swedesboro office.  You can visit her website at to learn more about her practice.

American Association of Orthodontists






Soft Drinks and Orthodontic Treatment: A Recipe for Disaster

Soft Drinks + OthodonticsThe American Association of Orthodontists recently published a warning about the dangers of soft drinks during orthodontic treatment.  Sodas, both regular and diet, sports drinks, energy drinks and fruit juices can do considerable damage to teeth.   This damage is compounded when you are wearing braces or aligners.

The acids in these beverages weaken the tooth by pulling the calcium out of the enamel.  This process of decalcification can lead to cavities.  This loss of enamel is permanent and will not restore itself.

The acid effect of soft drinks on your teeth can be amplified by another source of acid found in your mouth.  Every day the surface of your teeth accumulate plaque, a sticky mixture of food debris, saliva and bacteria. The bacteria in the plaque utilize sugars and starches as food and make acid as a byproduct.  This acid softens the teeth.  For orthodontic patients this decalcification occurs around the braces and under the aligners.  If you combine the acid from plaque with acid from drinks it doubles your risk for tooth decay!


During orthodontic treatment it is best to avoid these damaging drinks.  If you must drink a soft drink use a straw to limit the contact with your teeth.  Also, drink with a meal and do not sip the drink over a long period of time.  The length of time the teeth are exposed to the acid increases the risk of decay.  Brush right away after drinking and if you don’t have a toothbrush with you then rinse with water.


Dr. Susan Lempert, a local orthodontist, encourages her patients to follow the AAO warnings about soft drinks.  She suggests drinking water instead.  Dr. Lempert prescribes a special fluoride paste for all of her patients during treatment and will also recommend more frequent dental cleanings if a patient’s home care is deficient.

Dr. Lempert explains, “When you finish your orthodontic treatment you want a beautiful smile with straight, healthy teeth.  White decalcification marks and cavities will destroy your result.  Choose your drinks wisely because your smile depends on it!”

Dr. Susan Lempert Dr. Susan Lempert is a local orthodontist and a member of the American Association of Orthodontists.  For more information about Dr. Lempert and her practice you can visit her website at:

 American Association of Orthodontists